“I found the words empowering and energising…”

‘Marilyn was a lovely kind and thoughtful therapist, she has a lovely soothing voice and prepared a hypnotherapy script personalised for me,  it was so relaxing the first 2 sessions I was dozing in and out of sleep knowing my subconscious was listening for me, on the third session I listened more intently and I found the words empowering and energising! I would definitely book more sessions with Marilyn in the future and find hypnotherapy if great value for mental health and wellbeing’ Nicole Oakley.

“There was a very open stream of communication, no judgement…”
Marilyn has helped me on so many levels- to say she’s made problems I have faced ‘easier’ is an understatement. I had a series of hypnotherapy sessions. Initially, I left the sessions feeling relaxed and refocussed, but as time has progressed in between sessions, I noticed normal habits and feelings dissolving almost by themselves. There was no sense of pressure, no ‘work’ or ‘trying’, I just found things easier to cope with, I was naturally happier, and I no longer struggled with behaviours that I desired- they just happened!!
I would not hesitate to use Marilyn’s services again- she is calm, professional and creates a safe environment for you, with no pressure. I felt I could talk as much or as little as I wanted to about the problems I was experiencing, and she then took this information to tailor the hypnotherapy sessions to me. There was a very open stream of communication, no judgement and I was taught coping mechanisms alongside the hypnosis. I feel I now have to tools I have been looking for (for some time!), to allow myself to enjoy life more, at my own pace whilst maintaining a more stable mental state- this is all down to my sessions with Marilyn- I would whole heartedly recommend her, and will definitely be booking further future sessions with her as and when I feel I need them!

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