Free your mind

One day I am feeling hopeful, positive and living my life with joy. Another day, suddenly I feel cross and easily upset by small things. This is normal for many of us at the moment. When I ask people how they feel the response for many is, “Up and down don’t you know?” is a common response.

Considering my time, I become clearly aware of something: Spending time watching the news, reading Facebook and listening to folk who are fearful causes the day to fall apart. My own sense of self becomes overwhelmed in a tidal wave of bad news. If however I don’t start with the news, reading social media, have lovely chats with people who are making the best of the situation, what a difference it makes. The situation has not changed but I remain in a much calmer space. I get on with life, paint, see friends, watch comedy on TV, read books with a sense of contentent. I am not denying what is going on – life is challenging. As a therapist I know that our minds need time out from the hard stuff. If you find yourself feeling anxious or fearful ask, When did this get bad? Did you read a scary article or watch a program full of anger and blame? Give yourself permission to switch off from the bad news for a couple of days in order to do the things that give you a sense of fun and creativity. Like me, you might notice that you feel better and keep life in perspective.

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