Myofascial unwinding

Muscles and organs are covered with a white elastic membrane called fascia. It protects the organs and allows one muscle to connect with another. Research done by Robert Shleip measured the strength of the big muscles in your buttocks called gluteus maximus. It was thought that the muscles inserted onto the long leg bones called the femurs. Instead they found that 50% of the energy had disappeared. In practice the muscles blended with the fascia of the hamstrings. If you have tight hamstrings it will affect the muscles in your buttocks. That will flatten your back and contribute to back pain. You might even have pain under your heel called plantar fasciitis. The connection is in the fascia. “The problem is where the pain isn’t”. Fascia sometimes twists and tightens up the muscles. People call it a knot. Someone might have highly sensitive areas in the muscles running alongside the spine. Lightly stroking your fingers down their spine causes the muscles to twitch. Today someone had this problem. I placed four finger tips in the hollow between the vertebrae and waited. At first I could feel the subtle twitch, then I felt a light pulse. As I waited the fingers started to move. Two fingers started to move up the spine and two moved down. The square was rotating. My fingertips changed position as the pulse returned. Then everything went quiet. All movement paused. After about 3 minutes I gently took my fingers away, waited then lightly stroked down the spine again. All the sensitivity had gone.

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