Find your motivation

Some people are experiencing depression and a lack of motivation at this time.  This is understandable given that for many people the things which gave life meaning have been curtailed due to the limits placed by the pandemic.

please don’t despair at this point.  know that this is a  passing situation. It’s tough at the moment, but there are some things you can do to help yourself until things change again.

You can spend some time considering what gives you pleasure and find a way of getting that need met another way. For example, writing things down each day in a notebook shows you that how you felt last week is not the same as you feel this week. therefore it’s safe to assume that next week will be different again. Feelings pass from day to day, even hour to hour. Finding something to do will help lift your mood. Go for a walk, send a text to someone to encourage them, put some flowers in a vase, plant some bulbs for spring or bake bread or cakes and give some to someone who will enjoy them. whatever you do don’t sit and dwell on things, this reinforces negative thinking and never helped anybody out of a low mood. Get up and do something, anything at all, dance on your own round the house, put on a YouTube exercise video or go to feed the ducks in the park.

Another way to help you be motivated is to set small goals for the day.  See yourself doing them before you get out of bed. visualise getting up and having a shower. Visualise dressing as though it mattered, perhaps doing your hair nicely, wearing a special shirt or going for a walk. Think about a nice healthy meal you will make later for yourself.

It’s a good idea to write the list down.

It might be small things like: shower, phone mum, clean my teeth, make my bed, feed the birds, order a book online, and so on. If you find these easy, add bigger goals but break them down into small steps and choose one thing to put on your list that day. Remember to tick each item on your list. This produces a small amount of dopamine to be released in your brain and will make you feel motivated to achieve more.

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