Resolve muscle and joint pain

Have you been to the doctor with aches and pains? Have you seen a physiotherapist, or even an osteopath or chiropractor?

Have you tried to understand why your pain persists? Well, I might be able to help.

I take a structured approach to diagnosing the possible causes of joint and muscle pain. We look into your medical history and any accidents or operations
you might have had. We look at your lifestyle and changes that might co-incide with the onset of pain or stiffness in the joints.
We make a full postural assessment that looks in detail at your musculoskeletal alignment. We might notice a fallen arch in one foot that a podiatrist has commented on.
Or a physiotherapist for example might have told you that one leg is longer than the other. All of these factors affect your pelvis and might put a small scoliosis or side bend into
your spine. We then treat you by making small adjustments to key joints that you cannot adjust without help. Stiff joints affect  blood flow and circulation making the heart work harder. As circulation improves so will your energy levels. We  help you to use the diaphragm to breathe smoothly and deeply. We follow that with lymphatic massage, acupuncture if needed, and stretches based on Ashtanga and Iyenga yoga or pilates. Many people make a dramatic improvement, others need several sessions to make a difference. We do not persuade you to keep coming to see us. It is up to you, with our guidance on how long it will take. Having successfully helped thousands of people I have a fairly good idea of the possible outcome or prognosis.

Phone us on 01908 502015 for an appointment.

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