back pain, pelvic pain, craniosacral therapy

Blood Flow and circulation of Energy

The blood flows through arteries and veins. Your heart is a double pump. It pumps blood to your lungs, back to your heart, around your body and back in less than 30 seconds. A major blockage in a joint, organ or muscles makes your heart work harder leaving you with less energy. Qi or in yoga prana, is the life force or energy that flows around your body. Our Western view of Chinese medicine identifies meridians or 12 major channels of energy. In yoga they are thought of as nadis. The energy that flows down the spine and back up is thought of as pingali and ida. Western medicine often dismisses this as archaic concepts. However the flow of energy around the spine is similar to the flow of craniosacral fluid.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral fluid is a yellowish liquid that baths and protects the brain and central nervous system. We make about half a litre a day. When a baby is born their lungs fill with air as they take their first breath. Once they start to suckle the craniosacral fluid (csf) starts to flow. CSF is produced roughly in a six second cycle. In a healthy person it switches on for about six seconds and switches off for about the same time. Should the flow be blocked for any length of time the body shows signs of disease. Poor organ function, low energy, depression, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic back pain or pelvic pain are all signs of blockage in energy flow.

The approach of a craniosacral therapist is to assess the body by tuning in to these gentle waves. John Upledger first formed the idea of energy cysts where energy can be lodged much like the trauma from a bullet entering tissues. A craniosacral therapist can help you to resolve long-standing affects that cause you to feel “under par”.

Personally I choose a mixture of techniques depending on what I sense are a person’s needs. In addition to craniosacral therapy I use muscle energy techniques, acupuncture, myofascial release, massage and a little guided imagery to help you resolve whatever is troubling your body.

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